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 [TuT] IPod Games hack.

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Mafioso God
Mafioso God

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PostSubject: [TuT] IPod Games hack.   Fri Jan 18, 2008 9:51 am

[Tutorial] Part 1:ROCKBOX!
by Matt

To Download Rockbox You should go to the official site and look for your type of Ipod
The Following Is for a Ipod 30 - 80 gig Not the new video ( This May work for
1-what is it
2-how to install
3-using GameBoy/GameBoy Color Games!

1-What is it?

Rockbox is another operating system like apples ipod os or linux...

You can play homebrew on your iPod.. Play games like DOOM! For doom go to
www.IDoom.net ,Use a TXT editor.. ect.

Easily switch between Rockbox and stock iPod firmware...


1. Copy the folders .rockbox, music, video and ipodloader.config
to the root of yoru ipod (example: F:/)

2. open ipod patcher.exe it will say a bunch of stuff basicly just
confirm that your ipod is the one that it says it is. and press
enter to install ipodloader..

3. when its done exit and take off iPod.

4. A green screen will come up this is where you choose if you want to
boot into Rockbox or iPod Video firmware. Choose Rockbox

5. DONE! pretty self explanitory from there.. You can download themes
from www.rockbox.com

3-GameBoy games!
Ok whats sweet is you can play Gameboy and gameboy color games.. I included a couple
of gb games along with this.. ok so if your firmilar with ROMs you know that Gameboy
games and gameboy color games have an file extension of .gb or .gbc right? well the trick
is when you put them in the GB folder make sure you change the extension to .rock
Then open rockbox and go to files and then the GB folder. Hold down the center button
and a new menu will pop up. Click Open With... then select RockBoy and your GB game
will run... Switching to HOLD brings up menu to save, load, exit..

Chapter 2:
Download the torrent link below with all the iPod Video Games. For 5.5Gen firmware.

Torrent Link

* The Sims Bowling ??? The Sims take the party to the alley.
* Lost ??? The official iPod game of the hit series.
* iQuiz ??? Answer questions or create your own.
* Bejeweled ??? Match jewels to clear the board.
* Tetris ??? Rotate falling bricks to clear rows.
* PAC-MAN ??? Clear the maze, avoid the ghosts.
* Ms. PAC-MAN ??? Play 256 maze levels.
* Vortex ??? Shoot on through to the other side.
* Zuma ??? Slide balls of the same color together.
* Texas Hold ???Em ??? Practice your poker face.
* Mini Golf ??? Make a hole in one (or five).
* Mahjong ??? Arrange tiles just so.
* Cubis 2 ??? Match cubes in colorful arrays.
* Royal Solitaire ??? Play 10 classic games in one.
* Sudoku ??? Solve the grid in a Zen setting.
* The Sims Pool
* Musika
* SAT PREP: Reading
* SAT PREP: Writting

How to:
Step 1: Extract the RAR file from the torrent.
Step 2: Plug in your iPod. Make sure it is enabled for disk use, and the "Do Not Disconnect" logo is flashing.
Step 3: Open up your iPod in "My Computer". Enable hidden files and folders in "Folder Options".
Step 4: Open up the "iPod_Control" folder.
Step 5: Paste the "Games_RO" folder into the "iPod_Control" folder.
Step 6: Open up iPodWizard (it's a standalone file, no need to install)
Step 7: Change the edit mode to "Firmware File".
Step 8: Click "Open Firmware" and choose either "5g Firmware.bin" or "5.5g Firmware.bin" based on weather you have a 5g or a 5.5g iPod. If you choose the wrong one, you will have to boot into disk mode and restore your iPod.
Step 9: Click "Write to iPod"
Step 10: Follow the instructions on the screen. Eject the iPod when it is done.
Step 11: Reset your iPod by holding in the center button and play/pause button until the apple logo appears
Step 12: Go to Extras > Games on your iPod, choose your game, and enjoy.

THESE ARE ALL current Games from iTunes... retail greatness :0) Enjoy
Happy Gaming
PC Canada Administrator

*Terms Of Service*
In the unlikely event that your ipod has been broken and the Warranty has been void,
I Am NOT Liable for any cost or damage do this at your own risk.
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PostSubject: Re: [TuT] IPod Games hack.   Fri Jan 18, 2008 9:55 am

Very NIIICE! Kudo's man. I don't have a video though Sad

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Mafioso God
Mafioso God

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Age : 30
Location : Hell, Quebec, Canada

PostSubject: Re: [TuT] IPod Games hack.   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:45 am

it works on all of them

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PostSubject: Re: [TuT] IPod Games hack.   

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[TuT] IPod Games hack.
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