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 Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read*

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Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read* Empty
PostSubject: Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read*   Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read* Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 11:47 am

Reformation Idea
Quote :

Hello Members and Staff of Pc Canada, Starting Friday, March the 7th, 2008. In this case it is today. Spam Is still not accepted, One Line Threads May not be accepted depending on the moderator's opinion on the topic. This is a must for all members and staff. If you do not follow these jurestrictions may end up in a ban.

Ranks Will be given according to the amount of posts you have. There are two different ranks there are the member ranks, Set by the amount of posts you have
or there is Admin Titles. An Admin title is a title given by a High ranking such as Founders or Administrators. You can obtain these ranks only by invite only!

Terms Of Service
When you sign up you are legally signing a internet ligitament contract, By joining
PC Canada,You must Follow the rules, Obey the Higher and Senor Members.
If you wish to not follow this contract. Administrators Have every right to ban or suspend your account.

Pc Canada Administration Team

Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read* 6tpjqdjpg
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Reformation + Ranks + Rules + TOS *Must Read*
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